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Maruti Suzuki Kizashi Car Service

Maruti Suzuki Kizashi Service Maruti Suzuki stepped into a luxury segment in auto industry through Kizashi. But the way was a slight jerky to stand upright with its coevals. Kizashi showcases the face of Maruti Suzuki’s capability over in it’s kind. The lengthy luxury cabin seemingly frets over its peers in […]

Maruti Ertiga service

Maruti Ertiga service assistance |maruti service| car repair|

Maruti Ertiga service  Over continuous experiments on utility vehicles, Maruti presented Ertiga as a Life Utility Vehicle(LUV). Though the past two endeavor went failure, the largest automakers in our homeland wouldn’t quit. They extended the trial for the feasibilities of an urban utility machine. Henceforward, Ertiga carried into this world. Maruti […]

Maruti Stingray service assistance

Maruti Stingray service assistance |car service|

Maruti Stingray service Maruti Stingray is an adaptation of Maruti WagonR. It is stacked with a 1.0-liter KB10 engine with a five-speed transmission. It comes similar to WagonR in all aspects. Just in value Maruti Stingray standing a somewhat higher to WagonR. In addition, over the outline, Maruti Stingray stands a bit different, […]

Maruti Versa Service

Maruti Versa Service |car service| repair|

Maruti Versa Service In addition to the successful microvan – Omni, Maruti delivered an exceptional traveler van as an advanced move over it kind. Maruti introduced Versa in three variants which contrasts with its seasoned features. It includes central locking, electronic meters, power steering, collapsible steering column, twin air conditioner and so on. […]

Maruti Omni-Petrol | Maruti Omni Car Service

Maruti Omni-Petrol | Maruti Omni Car Service

  Introduction As a well-welcomed multi-utility vehicle Maruti Omni shoots up its reach dramatically in Indian car industry. It was one of the first cars which provide ample space for both travel and goods traction. As the second baby of Maruti in India after 800, Maruti Omni continuing its journey for […]