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The union of transmission system begins from the clutch which engages and disengages from the car engine where the whole power is generated. When we pedal the clutch the engagement between the car engine and clutch will get apart so the whole system will be segregated from the power box.

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Sequence  of Transmission system

Starting from the first clutch is on the top, it is used to attach and detach the vehicle engine from the transmission gears and drive wheels. Clutch transmits power by means of friction between driving members and driven members. Talking about the essentiality of a clutch in transmission system begins with the working of car engine. The engine needs cranking by any suitable device, for easy cranking, the engine is disconnected from the rest of the transmission unit by a suitable clutch. After starting the engine, the clutch is engaged to transmit power from the engine to the gearbox and then it moves to the functionality of gear change the gears, the gearbox must be kept free from the engine power, otherwise, the gear teeth will be damaged and engagement of gear will not be perfect. This work is done by a clutch and a perfect clutch makes the vehicle smooth though in heavy load and supports to run effectively without any slips and friction issues.

Gear system

A gear system as if the clutch has a prominent role in making the transmission possible and make the car engine runs at different speed and torque. That’s why it becomes essential to reduce the engine speed and increase the torque available at the rear wheels of the tractor because it is obvious that for higher torque at wheels, low speed is required and vice versa. So the gearbox is fitted between the engine and rear wheel for variable torque and speed. This is done by suitable design of gear and shafts. Speed varies according to the field requirements and so a number of gear ratios are provided to meet the varying conditions.

Differential unit

This is a special arrangement of gears to permit one of the rear wheels of the tractor to rotate slower or faster than the other. While turning the vehicle on a curved path, the inner wheel has to travel lesser the tractor to move faster than the other at the turning point. The output shaft coming from the gearbox is provided with a bevel pinion at the end of the shaft. The bevel pinion is in mesh with a large bevel wheel known as the crown wheel. This crown wheel transmits power through right angle drive to suit the vehicle wheel and reduce the pace of rotation.

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