How do Steering Works? | Power steering

The function of a steering system is to convert the whirling movement of the steering wheel in driver’s hand into the angular turn of the front wheels on road. It is either located on the right side or left the side of the car according to the standard. In this article, you will be given information on how a power steering works.

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How do Steering Works?

Over the years the technologies used to improve the car/vehicle features but car steering is working under some basic setup. We all know that the steering wheel is attached to the front wheels and that is how the car can be made to move left and right. But very few know how the front wheels are connected to steering wheels and the well-defined engineering to make it more perfect.


Many modern vehicles make use of a steering system known as rack-and-pinion steering.

As known, the steering wheel is present on the front of the driver seat and some of the models come with other specialized instruments for various systems in the car. And yes, the air bags to safeguard the driver during a hit, let’s come to that later.

If you have a car which has a hydraulic power steering, then the steering shaft goes straight into the rotary valve. This rotary valve can open and close in the rotation. In the process, hydraulic fluid in pressure helps the steering shaft to turn the pinion gear. These actions help in making the steering easy if you are driving at a low speed or when you are about to make a pause.

This type of steering is used in the sports car as the driver can feel the road. Some hydraulic power steering also employs a hydraulic pump which is provided power from the belt attached to the engine of the car. The pump exerts pressure on the hydraulic fluid and these lines are connected right from the pump (water) to the position of rotary valve present at the bottom of the steering shaft.

As the time passed  several sophistications are come into the driving technology, as if

If you find a car with an electric motor on the line to the steering shaft, then it is equipped with electric power steering. The advantage of this system is its flexibility for modification of old cars and the hydraulic motor can be changed to the electrical motor. As known, this system does not need a hydraulic pump to perform its functions.

An electric motor is used to help the turning of the pinion gear or steering shaft. Sensors are provided in line with the steering shaft to sense how much does the driver need to turn the steering wheel (even the force is also calculated known as velocity sensitivity). The computer goes into active mode and supplies the definite force within a second to make the move. Agreed, this system has more advantage when compared to a hydraulic system, but the opinion of drivers differs. They say that they do not get the feel of the road and too many applications are in play. However, every brand has made it their aim to better the previous time regarding electrical power steering.

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