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Keep It Clean To Avoid Jump Start

The best simple way to a healthy living is cleanliness and here also, the same pattern is needed. The components of the battery should be kept tidy. The battery should be placed firmly in the place given (cradle). The tray should also be cleaned regularly. So that you won’t have to go for jump start again and again.

•    If you notice symptoms of corrosion, the battery may need replacement sooner or later.
•    Other challenges are clusters of dirt and debris in spaces which may lead to issues.
The major parts to be focused on are the terminals (connections). The clamps and terminals should be clean (grease-free). Never use the hammer on the clamps. In case of dirt or grease, use the dry cloth option.
You have come back from a long trek by car. While doing the check, if you find mud making its presence above the battery, the top should be first cleaned. The vent plug should be opened and cleaned by distilled water. Kindly ensure the mud is not present in the vent plug top or there will be blockage.

 Give The Best Possible Protection Against Climate

Heat can cause temperature variations. The heat can work on the chemicals in the battery and sooner, you may find the ‘part’ losing its charge in less time or it goes ‘kaput.’ Do not recharge or operate the battery in temperatures above 60°C.
You live in a very cold climate – fine – take the necessary precautions. If you have some room in the places around the battery, you can make the best use of an insulation blanket. The sheet (plastic) will keep the component cool in summer and the opposite (warm in winter) thereby giving life extension. In case you are opting for a replacement, kindly prefer a small size so the blanket can be circled around it.
In case of excessive heat, the case will swell thereby reducing the battery life (Swelling of the case).


The main enemy for battery is corrosion. You open the lid, and encounter a bluish powdery looking stuff (the color may also be white) on cables and battery. The stuff (content – acid) can easily cause damage by corroding the terminal ends of the battery as well as the battery cables.
Regular checks and cleaning can keep the challenge at bay. Corrosion will be prevented and the life of battery will be enhanced. Also,
•    The clamps should never be found loose.
•    The batteries should never be kept idle (the type varies – for normal batteries (3 to 4 weeks) and incase of MF batteries (10-12 weeks).
The best way to stop corrosion will be to apply dielectric grease or Vaseline to the cables terminals to avoid buildup of corrosion. Petroleum jelly is preferred for application on the terminal cable clamps (we do not recommend simple grease). When the battery is wearing out, the acid as well the water evaporates which will cause unpleasant odor (smell of rotten eggs).

Always Keep The Charge Full

While conducting a regular check, it is mandatory to affirm that the charges are proper and efficient. In case, you find problems in starting the car, the problems may be of two types. (1) The charge is low (2) the battery is over charged. There can also be instances where the car starts one day and the next day it gives a cranking sound.
Even in case of overcharge, the battery will not work to its full potential. The pattern will be similar to that of losing its charges and the car gets stuck in the middle. Keeping the terminals tidy will act as a deterrent for this type. The cables should also be tightened securely on their respective posts. They should never be loose, corroded or broken.
The best car owner will be the one who keeps the battery charged as far as possible. Agreed, this is a challenge in itself. Reason – the charge will be completely drained from your battery if the car sits idle for an entire day. In case of cold weather, an idle car just kept ‘kaput’ for several days can be the major cause for an entire discharge of power. Some of the other important factors are usage of radio, mobile chargers and headlights when the car is not in motion.
In case your car is sitting idle, and the sixth sense says that the charge is getting depleted, go for a 30 minute drive. This activity will help replenish the charges and battery will become active. Because as we saw above that every time jump start is not going to help you to start your vehicle.
Caution – you should never recharge from an extremely depleted state from the alternator. The time taken will be very less and the battery will wither soon.
•    The most important part is the connecting cables should be fixed to their respective counterparts (positive to +ve and -ve to negative).
•    The car battery should be recharged at the requisite current (amps).
•    The voltage regulator output should also be checked as undercharge or overcharge can also damage the battery.
If you are planning to go on a long trip, kindly ensure the battery is working hale and hearty.

“Fast” The Car For A While

Are you on vacation for a month, or you plan to sit in meditation and give up roaming on the outside world? In similar situations, kindly disconnect the battery from the car as the other accessories (clock) can drain the power. However, please note that you should have the necessary expertise in order to carry out these activities. In these cases, it is ‘always follow the book rules’ as per the car manufacturer or else carmozo mechanics are always there (24/7) to provide assistance.

Minimum Short Trips Enhance The Life Of A Car Battery

Surprised? There are some who buy cars only for short trips. But this can prove detrimental to the component (battery). And, this is true for both hot and cold climates. The amount of starts you give is directly proportional to the work of a battery. So a humble request from carmozo to make short trips in a less number; you can of course, combine more of these trips to a longer one.

Put Your Money For A Quality Charger

Have a good quality charger in your kitty. You can use it to have the battery fully charged. Best recommendation from a mechanic is to use the charger every month in case of hot climate (three months for a cold climate).

Caution: Always follow the instructions of the car manufacturer (also include the points on the charger).

The Challenge Of ‘Jumpstart’

In case you are stuck with a dead battery and there is no other option but to jump start; you can help assist it to come back to normal condition. Put the car in neutral, and make the vehicle come to the sunlight, and leave it on the dot. The rise in temperature can cause the jump to smooth start your car. The battery will experience less strain.

To know more details regarding jump start and battery maintenance, you can visit us at our Carmozo website.
Also you can download our android app of Carmozo from play stores and do provide your valuable rating, reviews and feedbacks on the basis of your experience with carmozo.

Caution: In case of batteries having discharge do not jump start as the activity can lead to freezing of the ‘component.’ Also inspect the battery before doing the activity. In case the case is bulged, ‘jump-starting’ it can lead to explosion or fire break. The main content in batteries is sulfuric acid, and it can cause severe damage to the human body. So take suitable precaution. If you have carried out the activity three times in a week, it is time to jump-start your battery.Though jump start can give you immediate starting of your car, but battery maintenance is more important for a better start every time.

Symptoms Of Dead Battery Reasons Solution
No response on ignition Climate change; less charge in battery See “Give The Best Possible Protection Against Climate” & “Corrosion”
Electrical devices do not work Unclean environment See “Keep it clean”
The car does not start every time Minimum short trips See “Minimum Short Trips Enhance The Life Of A Car Battery” & “The Challenge Of Jumpstart”
The battery has become old It has exceeded its lifetime See “Put Your Money For A Quality Charger”


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