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Well, Most of the time the problems may be apparent but what needs to be done to fix the problem is causing perplexity and chaos in life, so as in our cars AC system.In an ac system, we can nut out the problem easily without any external sensors or measuring units because there is nothing else good as then our body sensors. Every AC system consists of a compressor, condenser, Evaporator, accumulator, expansion valves and the connecting hoses. An issue in any of this components will cause the efficiency of the whole system. Mostly the cause emerges from a leakage over hoses or a failure in the compressor, and lack of refrigerant, but we can’t trust on the remaining all time. In such scenarios, we need to have a car ac repair from a mechanic.

Car AC Repair

Let’s start with the compressor, it can say as the heart of an Ac system which pumps the refrigerant through the system, so the proneness to failure is also high. A compressor can be down for many reasons as if, lack of lubrication, clutch failure, running in extreme pressure and so on.Generally, it can be identified with unusual noise and leak over the compressor.Secondly, let’s have a look through the condenser, apart from the compressor, a condenser has a different role in the system, it removes the heat from the refrigerant as it flows through the twisted vents.if you get a coolness but not a coldness we cant suspect over the condenser.

How Does Car AC Work Internally :

Accumulators are another part associated with AC system, it absorbs moisture contents within the ac system but on the passing of time it will get saturated to a state which not able to absorb the moisture anymore.over that time replacement will be the only solution.The one and only part which is placed inside the cabin is evaporator, this removes heat within the cabin by flowing cooler refrigerant inside the evaporator.Normally it looks like radiators but the only difference is it carries refrigerant.The failure used to cause over an evaporator is leakage and it may cause for different reasons and the resolution for any failure caused by an evaporator is replacement only.

There is an orifice tube or expansion valve to measure and regulate the flow of refrigerant and any failure like clogging or blockage which may cause hindrance to the flow so it is necessary to replace the tube/valve at every repair of an AC system.The last but not least component in an ac system is the hoses which connecting all the parts together and aids its effective functioning and any leak or plunge anywhere on it will result in inefficiency in switching the temperature.

Choosing the appropriate refrigerant is another prominent factor in an AC system.The refrigerant using in our cars will depend upon the year of manufacture.The vehicles before 1995 are likely using different from after 95’s. So, as we get to know, every part have their distinct function in the whole system so it requires an equal care and maintenance over the time.To make it simple and out of confusion, it’s better to consult expert technicians for periodic diagnosis of the AC systems.

Choose your ac system for your car wisely and go for a car ac repair or inspection whenever you feel that your ac is not working properly.
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