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A clutch can work more than 100,000 KMs, but if the driver has not maintained the vehicle properly, then the component life will be reduced by half. When a clutch gets damaged, the adjoining transmission parts like the clutch plate and all can also get damaged and the expense will be more.

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System Information

The engine power is transmitted to the clutch system by the gear box. In addition, the transmission is also interrupted if there is a gear change. Some of the important parts of the clutch system are the flywheel, operating linkage, slave cylinder and a master cylinder.

In recent times, majority of the vehicles are manufactured with a friction clutch which can be easily operated by a hydraulic cable or hydraulic fluid. In such cases, the engine is connected to the flywheel and the transmission is connected to the clutch plate. If the pedal is not held down or made depressed, the clutch remains engaged. The pressure plate is pushed by the springs in opposition to the flywheel, and transmission to the part (engine) is locked.

When the clutch pedal faces worn out, the clutch is disengaged. The clamping pressure has to be released, and it is done, when the release bearing is pushed in opposition to the center of the spring by the arm.

Why Does This Happen?

The brake fluid is held in the reservoir of clutch master cylinder. The hoses connects the slave cylinder and master cylinder. When you lay down the clutch pedal, the clutch fluid moves automatically from the master (cylinder) to the other cylinder (slave) and a pressure is built to make the clutch get engaged. The two cylinders components, seals, which worn out can cause a leak. The end result will be the malfunctioning of a clutch. The most common symptoms of a cylinder (master or slave) will be the clutch is not coming out of the floor, you will not be able to shift gears and there may be chances of a leak in brake fluid.

There is another term used known as clutch fluid leak. But it is actually leakage of brake fluids. If a leak has occurred, then the shifting of gears will be difficult, and the clutch pedal will always be on the de-pressed mode. A fluid leak is the red flag alert for you as a car owner to take car as soon as possible to the mechanic.

Clutches are designed by the manufacturer in a way if they slip a little, during the first engagement or in the course of a gear change for a smooth ride, you can over ride these symptoms. But if you see slip after the clutch is engaged fully, there is a problem. Majority of the cases – the vehicle will be transporting a load or you move the vehicle up a hill. In case of a similar situation, you can expect the smell of burning of clutch facings. This is an indication that the flywheel as well the pressure plate will be damaged. A slipping clutch can also occur due to wear and tear. It is advisable that the solution is found as quickly as possible.

Jerky Clutch or Chattering Clutch – The main reason is grease or oil that has leaked or found its way in the linings of the clutch. Other reasons may include a loose clutch or a warped flywheel, broken disc, damaged pressure plate etc. It can also be caused due to loose springs (or worn engine mounts).

If the hydraulic line is filled with air, some of the space will be occupied. The fluid will need the proper pressure to do the part. If the link which connects the pedal and clutch system may suffer a maladjustment; the result will be a sticking clutch. A mere adjustment will rectify the problem.

In case the cable which holds the clutch is stretched beyond limit or gets broken, the component will give the symptom of a sticking clutch. In this situation, there is no way except to replace the clutch.

If you are not able to release the clutch, there may be many reasons. It may be a worn bearing retainer, clutch disk gone bent or an input shaft which has got damaged.

If you find the clutch unable to move, then the problem is with the clutch cable or pedal linkage


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A malfunctioning part will have drastic effects on all the parts of the clutch system and even its adjoining systems.

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