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Clutch Cable :
In simple words, the definition of the clutch cable is – The component forms the link between the clutch and other components of the gear box. As the name suggests, the cable assists in transferring the power of the engine to the gear box. Every time the clutch is activated by you, the transmission is interrupted when you select the perfect gear. The gear is changed as you change from the stationary to the mobile state or when you drive on the road. The clutch cable is the one, which you can use to press the clutch and perform the transition in a smooth phase.

clutch cable

The clutch cable is composed of a steel wire core which is housed in a shell. It is designed to work as per the pressure you put to the pedal. But beware, it can also brake or get worn out.

To be noted:

  • In case of a minor problem, the cable might need only a simple adjustment.
  • Few cars are built with automatic adjustment system as part of their gear mechanism, while some of the cars need manual adjustment.
  • If you sense the clutch cable has become faulty, you will not be able to engage or release the clutch, and then chances of damage to the transmission system.
  • Always do not forget to release the clutch entirely during a drive and always avoid the foot-on-pedal habit.


The clutch cable should last at least for duration of two years. Within the time period, do conduct an inspection by our mechanics for maintenance. Do not forget clutch cables have the elastic quality and they do get worn out gradually without proper maintenance. If the cable snaps, you might have an unwanted expense.

Symptoms that indicate the clutch cable has to be replaced

  • The pedal remains unresponsive even under pressure.
  • The pedal always remains below the level and never comes back to its original position.
  • You find the process of shifting transmission difficult.

How important is this service?

Kindly note, in case, the clutch cable is not functioning normally, there will be slip of clutch. If you want to accelerate the vehicle, you release the clutch pedal, the speed of your car does not increase but the revolutions of the engine will be greater. If you continue to drive along with the same problem, you might risk a mandatory replacement of the total clutch kit. It is always advisable to have the clutch cable in proper working order.

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