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Tyres are the sole contact of a car with the road surface, therefore, if the contact went worse the whole system will become in trouble. While on the contact with the road, the car tyres would get a load of damages and disfigurements and it is an indefensible thing. All we can do is nothing but inspection and maintenance, for that we should aware at least about the kind of damages which may cause to the tires, here we list some of the major ones…..


                        Cupping of tires is, nothing but the uneven wear that may occur over the tire thread, generally, it is formed by the bad suspension systems, every time  our vehicle bounces up and down, like a dribbling ball on the travel, the tire will get a tuff contact with the road surface and on moving forward the threads will be scooped off from the surface of the tire. It is a sort of wear seems like scoops carved out of the tire tread. As per the dimension of the wear the vibration and the howling noise will differ. This may develop in different locations over a tire, middle of the thread, along and with the edges etc..
Tire cupping may cause due to the wear, and unbalanced pressure on the surface of the tire. We can identify this defect as the vehicle moves, a slight humbling sound will generate and it will increase as the vehicle accelerates on moving ahead.
There is some number of reasons and situations which results in cupping of the tire…

1. Faulty Suspension System

The suspension system is the reason, why the car can move smoothly even along rough terrains. The impact, the car develops on the road is easily absorbed by the suspension. The component consists of shock absorbers as well as struts, and these two nullify the force the road heaps on the vehicle. You do not maintain your car (GROAN – the same words), the struts and shock absorbers take a beating. The mother component (suspension) gets hardened, inflexible so the tires bear the brunt of every hard ground. Then the drive becomes more of a skating experience, your body in the car rattles, shivers, bounces on the imperfections on the road. The result – you have cupped tires

2. Tires Of Poor Quality

You are on a budget and the tires had to be changed. You settle for a low-quality tire so that it can be changed when you get money. Kindly note, these tires have been found lacking in durability, strength, and thickness when in comparison with standard car tyres. So, they can easily wear out and end up in tire scalloping.

3. Low Air Pressure In Tires

In case your tire has low air pressure, they may easily be cupped. Not having enough air can make them vulnerable in times or driving on road with potholes, sharp debris, abnormalities, and rocks.

You can take care in making all the tires inflated at the same pressure. The correct pressure can be a little confusing as there can be two numbers in the car manufacturer and the car tyres manufacturer. Always note the lower pressure enhances the performance during the drive; high pressure will add more time to the tire life.

4. Misalignment Of Wheels

The alignment factor assures that every wheel (only four, bro) should be at the perfect angle, and the car should be driven the way or it should go the way it was designed. In case of a wheel having an imperfect angle alignment, it can easily lead to cupped car tyre.

Wheel alignment can be done only by an experienced driver or a professional. The mechanic should take umpteen care in balancing and aligning the car tyre. They should always remain parallel to each other and perpendicular when compared to Mother Earth. Also, a humble request from carmozo team to check the alignment after hitting a large pothole or after applying a sudden stop after a fast drive.

5. Tread

Incorrect tread channels can result in harm during wet places. The water is not dispersed properly at the contact point. When the water gets caught between the car tyres and road surface, the grip vanishes, the car skids – the unfortunate process has been given the name – aquaplaning.

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