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Steering is an inevitable part of every vehicle, it is a must have to direct our vehicle to different directions. If we check the mechanisms in our car steering systems we can come to know that there are different types of steering systems are available in regard to their mode of working, though its common function is to steer our vehicles. Lets have a look through these alternatives….

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Rack & Pinion Type,

It appears like a simple construction with economical and less intricate to make. The easiness of making of this kind goes linearly to its function as well, it is very easy to operate and has good efficiency. The most common and usual failure which come across with steering system is steering play and damping, which is minimal on this system. Another advantage over this system, its tie rod can be directly joined to steering rack and the car steering elasticity compliance is also very fine. Yet it is compact and easy to handle it is very sensitive to shocks and has great stress in angular forces and some times it requires a higher force.

Recirculating Ball Type,

Relating to the rack and pinion system the linkage which is used on this type turns the wheel in a little different way. It consists of a worm gear, the first part is a block of metal with a threaded hole in it. This block has gear teeth cut into the outside, which engages a gear that moves the pitman arm. The car steering wheel connects to a threaded rod, similar to a bolt, that sticks into the hole in the block. When the steering wheel turns, it turns the bolt. Instead of twisting further into the block the way a regular bolt would, this bolt is held fixed so that when it spins, it moves the block, which moves the gear that turns the wheels.

This type of system is fit for use in rigid axle system and it has the ability to transmit high forces as well. It helps to attain a large wheel angle, for its rotation ratio is 45° which can be extended by steering ratio. Even it provides heavy load efficiency and large angle it is complicated and costlier than rack and pinion system. In certain times the steering feedback becomes zero as well.

Power Steering System,

Exclusively from the above two systems power steering system has some extra add on’s, it has a rotary vane pump which helps to provide the hydraulic power to the  steering and this pump is driven by a belt and pulley through the engine, besides, there is a rotary valve present in it which senses the force in the car steering wheel and according to the force exerted by the driver on his steering wheel, the fluid will works on the respective side of the movement if the vehicle is moving straight way the fluid pressure will be balanced on both the sides.

Though the way and components may vary but the function is to render a smooth drive for all methods. And for that Carmozo is always there to help you with our best technicians to provide best service.

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