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Car Muffler:

In human language, a muffler is one which gives protection to the cold when wrapped around a human’s neck. In car terminology, car muffler is the silencer that can avoid the loud noises of combustion happening in the exhaust system. The sound waves of combustion travel in the system till they reach the muffler (usually located at the rear end of the car). The car muffler, can be best described as (metal box consisting of many tubes known as baffles). The sound waves travel along these tubes, and the energy from them is diminished. Behind the muffler, is a component known as the resonator, which can cancel the sound waves. Some mufflers also have fibre glass so that sound waves can be easily absorbed. When a car muffler is changed, there will be change in sounds.

Car Muffler

Sometimes we find many cars on the road having unusual sound coming out of them. The reason behind this could not only be the poor maintenance of the inner components but sometimes it can be the car muffler that need to be taken care of for repairing or replacement. Because as we all know that the car sounds depend on the mufflers so if its functioning will be good then the car sound will be also perfect.
Better the car muffler, better the car sound.

Other reasons for muffler failures are driving speedily over road speed bumps, pot holes and rocky terrain. The whole exhaust system is fabricated more than advised by the manufacturer. Please do not wait to call the mechanic through our website or our mobile app in Play Store , if you notice water leaking out of several places from the muffler and replace it before major repair occurs because that will be only better for your car in order to get the best satisfactory performance.

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