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Car inspection is one of the important part in the life of every person who is owning a car. Because all we want is a happy and comfortable ride always.

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You might have seen that when a car passed, it draws a line along the way. It will follow as long as the car goes, it might be a fluid leak but we may not nail it down where it coming from, but if we know the colours of different colours of oils used in cars we can easily figure out which fluid is it. When you see a colour liquid beneath the car, the first thoughts in your mind will be negative. It does not, all leaks specify major issues it can be just a simple problem. Before jumping to conclusion or assumption kindly find the real reason for the leaks. In this article, you will be given information on how you can determine which component has suffered a leak just by looking at its colour, and when to go for a car inspection.

You do not need an encyclopedia to find out the fluid which flows from your car. You can easily determine by just looking at the colour.

Blue – It will be mainly windshield fluid.

Clear – The fluid will be easy flowing just like water (AC condensation fluid); It has an oily feel and medium consistency (new brake fluid). Brake fluid, if the car has passed more than 10K miles in distance, it is darker.

Dark Brown – The fluid may be either motor oil or brake fluid. If you want to distinguish between the two, kindly note brake fluid will be slim, while the motor fluid may have a greasy feel.

Yellow/ orange/ green – Radiator coolant or antifreeze coolant

Light brown – New motor oil or gear lubricants (you will close your nose due to bad odour). In some situations, automatic transmission fluid with time will become brown.Which means you should go for the car inspection now.

Pink – Transmission fluid or power steering fluid.

Orange – AC condensation fluid (or transmission fluid or Antifreeze fluid); The discolouration will happen because it has completed its life of service or rust.

Now let us look into the reasons which suggest a leak

Windshield wiper fluid

AC condensation

In case, the fluid has not been changed as per the time limit, a little fluid may have escaped the AC system. There might be no problem, but it is better to go for a car inspection.

Brake fluid

Brake fluid oil can be confused with motor oil, but the first one, if it is true, should not be treated with negligence. The brake fluid is required for maintaining the hydraulic pressure in the entire brake system, and a leak may lead to signs of brake failure. You may notice the leak in around the wheels, the place under the brake pedal; in both cases, it is safe to call an expert for inspection. Refrain from driving until the car inspection is done.

Motor oil – If you find oil spill in front of the car, it will suggest various problems. The gasket will have completed its life cycle, the oil line would have faced corrosion, oil filter will be improperly attached, there might be a leaky drain or stripped plug. Before venturing for a drive, it is better to check if any of the fluid level or oil level is low in the components.


There are two types of cars. First – having fuel injection and the second – without fuel injection. For the later, if there were leaks, they were fixed by administering coolant which contained silicates. In recent cars, the silicate option has not been included, so there are chances of leakage. In case of more leakage, the reasons may be a clamp which has gone loose, hose on the damage trail, water pump at fault or old O-ring. This liquid, if leaked, can spell disaster to pets or very young children, so it is always better to call the mechanic.

Gear lubricant

The leak will be found either adjacent to the wheels or on the wheels. The symptom is that of a seal which has overstood the test of time or the gearbox needs a service.

Power Steering Fluid

The leak is found in front of the vehicle, if you are sure that it is a power steering fluid leakage, it may be due to a fluid line which is at fault or seal which has become old. If you are on a drive, you can hear a whining sound from the component.

Transmission Fluid – If the fluid does escape, in the form of a leakage in centre of the vehicle, the symptoms displayed will be that the gasket, cooler line or seal has suffered a crack. In recent vehicles, you do have the dipstick to check the amount of fluid in the transmission. If you find a similar situation, have the car serviced as soon as possible.

Good to know

You do not have to jump at the sign of a fluid leak, as sometimes, there might be a very simple problem. However, a skilled mechanic is needed to identify the source and provide the proper service. A simple repair may be easy, whereas few may need more time.

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