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Car Fluids :

Keeping up the car fluids level is one of the inexpensive and easy ways to upkeep the smooth running of all mechanism in a car, from the engine to windshield it requires appropriate fluids for seamless operation.lets surf through some of them.

 car fluids

1. Engine oil

Engine oil is one of the essential car fluids for the smooth operation of the engine. Without lubrication, the parts will be in the overheat mode and they can face severe abrasion If the oil goes below the required level, then the engine performance will go low and subsequently, you will be faced with a complete engine failure.

The best method is to make use of the oil dipstick. The stick has minimum and maximum marks for checking the oil level. Clean the dipstick and insert it below; you will reach the bottom. Now clean it with a rag. Then you have to reinsert the stick properly and held it upright so that the oil does give an inaccurate reading. Now you get to know the maximum as well as minimum marks.

2. Engine coolant

Any component of the car will become hot during the drive. That includes even the internal combustion engine. So the engine coolant is one of those car fluids that has the ability to absorb the heat and then eliminate it via the radiator, thus making the engine to function at the normal temperature. The best time to check the engine will be after the car has rested for the night. There are vehicles, in which the coolant will be translucent and you can easily distinguish the level of the maximum and minimum marks. Some require the radiator to be opened or the engine system for checking the level of fluid.

Take precautions when you have to open the engine system. The rule – never open when the system is hot and the work should be done when the engine is cool. Ensure you do the job slowly, or you will face burns.

3. Brake fluid

When there is something heading your way from nowhere during the drive, and you press the brake pedal. The brake pedal is linked to the master cylinder and because of the pressure, the brake fluid moves to the brake lines, to the brake callipers (or wheel cylinders) where the brakes have to be applied.this is how it is supposed to work.but what about the shortage of brake fluid in the system.so it’s important to check the fluid level frequently, for we are smashing the brake pedal innumerable times.

The one disadvantage of brake fluid is that it can easily absorb moisture from the surrounding environment. If the maintenance has been done, kindly keep all the reservoirs or brake fluid containers completely sealed until the next date of addition as specified by the manufacturer. The fluid can also damage the paint so in case the spill happens, clean the space with water and soap at the earliest.

If the level of fluid becomes low, a situation may come in which you can experience a complete failure of brake or loss of pressure.

4. Power steering fluid

In recent vehicles, electric power steering systems are made more advanced, and they minimize the parasitic drag in the engine.It helps to keep your car’s steering working by keeping it lubricated and make the control of vehicle easy. This result in good fuel savings, but note there are still vehicles which use the old style of hydraulic power steering systems. This is where the pressurized power steering fluid comes into the picture and they assist you in handling the steering wheel.

5.Air Conditioning Coolant

 When the temperature jumps high we have to check the coolant level of the air condition system.It’s little difficult to check the level manually.so it’s better to lend some support from an expert technician.

 6.Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluids area essential one for make the transmi9ssion of power sequentially errorless.it avoids the unwanted power loss in the whole transmission system.we can check it with the dipstick which is specifically for transmission fluid in the engine cabin and we can check its quality manually by rubbing some of it with your finger but be sure wash it off after checking.

7.Windshield washer fluid

As the name suggests, the windshield of the car is cleaned by the fluid.it really helps to make your ride more clear and easier. The level of washer fluid is may visible in most of the vehicles for it stored in a transparent tank labelled as washer fluid or water.so we can identify the shortage and refill it. If you need more fluid, don’t just use soap and water. Get some washer fluid that’s meant to handle bugs and road grime.In some vehicles, they are adjusted with a level sensor to find our fluid level.While handling the fluids be careful and keep children out of that area so can avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

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