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Does the word car clutch ring a bell in your memory? When you were young, and had sat beside a driver with curiosity in your eyes, he/she would have moved the car clutch back and forth during a drive. In short, a clutch can be best defined as the most important part of a transmission system. The transfer of power from the engine to the required part (transmission system) is done by the clutch. If you have a manual transmission system, you press the clutch and the engine will sync along with the transmission system. You press the clutch pedal, a pressure will be created thereby operating a hydraulic mechanism, the engine flywheel gets a boost and the wheels will be set in motion by the transmission. The clutch is the main contact between two shafts, and it makes both of them spinning in the same speed. As a car driver, you would have known that car clutch is needed to stop the vehicle even before stalling the engine.

car clutch

There are some parts in a car which are frequently used and others which are not. The clutch mechanism comes in the first mentioned part. If you have to change gears then the clutch pedal has to be operated every time. For making the vehicle stop, devoid of any jerk, the clutch pedal is needed. The clutch is made of numerous mechanical components and in due course of time, regular wear and tear will happen. If you dream of a smooth performance from your vehicle, then the clutch has to be in a perfect condition.

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