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If you have a vehicle which is lined with manual transmission system, a replacement can prove expensive. We are giving you some valuable tips on how to make the clutch last longer and when to go for a car clutch repair is required. Following the manufacturer instructions can make the clutch last longer.

car clutch repair

1.     The Clutch Should Always Be Kept Free

The first rule states only one point. It is negative to keep the foot on the clutch during a drive. The clutch pedal should remain the same either de-pressed or untouched. If you are staring at the other side, chances are you are going to burn a hole in the wallet as the clutch will wear out early.

2.     Driving Back In An Inclined Drive

Do not use the clutch while doing the backward drive during an inclination. You can use the handbrake before you engage the clutch. Then you can change to first gear and reach a speed of 3000 RPM. The clutch should be released slowly, then the handbrake as you work on the throttle (kindly check the italicized words).

3.     When You See A Red Light Do Not Stop Suddenly

The car has to be slowed down as soon as you see a red signal, or if there is any other cause. This action permits you from bringing the car to a halt. The clutch can be dropped on the idling engine and you can avoid the slipping clutch.

4.     After The Red Light Do Not Step On The Ignition

The RPMs should always be kept low if you move from a stop position. The ideal RPM will be 1100. The engine should be revived and the clutch should be used only if necessary.

5.     The Clutches Should Never Be Used Instead Of The Brakes

Kindly remember, comparing costs, the clutch will cost more than the brake pads. So use the clutch, as and when needed.

·         The engine speed should be matched to the rear wheel speed in case of a smooth downshift.

·         The vehicle RPM should be raised after the throttle is made to engage a bit. This should be done when the clutch is released during the process of downshift.

If you are driving an automatic transmission vehicle, note that the system is the one responsible for controlling the activation in case of planetary gear sets. These gear sets consist of numerous discs, that alternate between fiber and metal inside a metal container. In case of failure in clutches, the transmission can take a beating.

6.     Other Points

·         If You are Going Uphill – As is the norm, the engine will revv high but the car will move at the same speed. Some of the ways to correct are the gas should not be backed off, or you can drop into a low gear. In course of time, you find if you make the car moves uphill, then you notice the smell of burnt popcorn. And the car does not move upward fast, but can do down. The problem is not in the trans-axle or engine. The slipping is due to a misadjusted or worn out clutch.

·         The clutch should always be pressed to the floor for release. It should be never held halfway in regards to the floor – another point – the clutch should be never dragged at a stop signal.

·         When taking the car for a drive, practice to release the clutch in a smooth way. The gas should be applied only to the required level to make the car move. The clutch should never be made to ‘pop’ up or it should never be allowed to drag for longer periods than the required time.

.         Check the clutch in regular intervals and go for a car clutch repair whenever it is required and always try to maintain it.

·         The throttle should always be released when you have to shift gears. It should be never held down in case of a shift.

·         Do not shift gears at an instant. It is okay to shift a gear (from the first to the third or from the second to the fourth). But extra pressure should not be exerted on the drive train or engine.

Therefore try to keep your car clutch in a comfortable condition so that it can have a smooth performance and also go for car clutch repair whenever it is recommended.
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