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Some of the enemies which can lead to different car belt types problems are water, oil, dirt in roads and excessive heat. Kindly ensure that oil is not leaking in the car and when you replace oil, it should be done carefully. There are other points that you should take care of, such as damage of the engine or the cover of the engine goes for a toss (the reason is the contaminants on the road can easily get on to the engine).Because for different car belt types the required conditions for their maintenance is also different. As a result being a car user the rider needs to understand the care belt types and should do the maintenance accordingly.

car belt types

Secondly leakage is also another factor that will be affecting the different types of car belt movements . Mostly it is the oil leakage that mostly creates some kind of damages to the car belts and its attached internal parts.

One more enemy of car belts is the chances of worn out during its functionality.Most of the time this kind of problem is seen in the  car engines in many vehicles.That is also because of the bad maintenance of different car belt types. But as we all know that this is a serious situation, because wearing out belts can lead to any kind of malfunctions in the interior parts of the car and may lead to car break or may also lead to some parts failure in working or in worst case may lead to some accidents also if you are on road or highway. Which will lead to loss of  life and property.
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