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By brake overhaul your car’s brake system will be examined and and will be repaired if necessary. Because being a car use it is your responsibility to keep track on the brake system and perform the brake overhaul over and again for getting better performance of the brake system.

brake overhaul

The brakes are one of the important mechanisms in our cars. They have got a vital role in keeping you and your beloved family safe while traveling, therefore you should’ve to give a keen attention on your brake systems. The whole brake system comes with different kind of parts and there are some external substances to helps its smooth function. Each and every part have their own vitality for its role in the braking system. Generally, a brake system consists of brake pads and shoes, rotors and drums, brake callipers (disk brake), brake fluid, brake hoses, and lines etc…
Before we go for brake overhaul and its process we need to know something more about the brakes and its functionalities. So here it is as follows:

Brake pads and shoes

The brake pad is one of the main components of the brake system, these pads are forced against a rotor/drum for creating the friction to reduce the pace of the vehicle. It comes in different forms such as, semi-metallic and ceramic, we can chose it as per our driving interest, though it is a highly variable component you have to check it at least for annually by an expert technician. In addition it is better to replace your worn out pads and shoes before it get a metal to metal contact with the rotor/drum because it may cause a bit much loss of money

Brake rotor and drum

Rotors and drums are attached to the wheel and on this the pads and shoes forcing against to throttle down the vehicle. It dissipates heat which arises on the friction and helps to stop the vehicle without any troubles.

Brake calipers

They seem like hydraulic clamps which consist of one or more pistons moving outward according to the pressure exerted by the brake fluid. It conveys the pressure to the piston and makes it work in accordance with it. Brake caliper integrity is an important term in function of a brake system as if other mechanisms.

Brake fluid

This is the blood of a brake system as the blood of our body, it carries the pressure and the amount of force which we applies on the pedal to the pads and shoes. If the level of fluid becomes lower from the appropriate amount, it will affect adversely to the whole function of brake system, therefore we’ve to give a close attention periodically on brake fluid. It is important to keep the level to the appropriate standard point and check whether it is in a working condition.

Brake Overhaul should be done by all car users because this will not only provide you the current condition of your brakes but also will help you in understanding the faults and repairing it.

Apart from theses components there are some other parts are also aiding the working of brake systems like hoses, steel line tubes etc., which helping  to transmit the brake fluid and the pressure to the cylinders and to the supposed points, even a mismatch in any of these components may lead you to chaos while on your way, so always keep in your mind to check the brake system periodically to ensure a smooth journey with a expert technician.
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