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Auto gear system

 In an auto gear transmission, the control systems are tackled electronically by the vehicle’s, computer instead of the clutch and gear stick as if in a manual system. All the driver has to shift the selector from Park or Neutral, into Drive, and the gear shifting will take place automatically and smoothly, without any additional effort from the driver under normal driving conditions.

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One of the main concern in the auto gear transmission is ‘Gear selection’, in auto gear transmissions it depends on many operational conditions, such as vehicle speed, engine speed, performance mode selected as well as driver assistance systems such as traction control, stability control, cruise control. There is an arrangement between the Engine and Transmission Control systems, pressurized transmission fluid is automatically channeled to mechanisms that drive sets of planetary gears and clutches, which are roughly analogous to the gear ratios found in this type of transmission.

Rotational energy is provided by a torque converter, a mechanism consisting of two freely rotating parts. One-half is attached to the engine and the other to the transmission input shaft. The two halves of the converter are placed very closely together. The fluid that circulates between them is influenced by the rotational energy of the engine which in turn impacts the transmission side of the converter. Torque is transferred from the engine to the transmission.

In older auto gear transmissions, the shifting action was accomplished by internal fluid pressures overcoming spring tension – closing one circuit before opening another. This control system produced harsh, jerky shifting. Modern systems moderate the action of the controlling valve shuttles, providing almost seamless shifting.

Instead of its easiness and effortless operation, automatic systems have a number of prone areas to cause failure and it is bit much expensive to care and inconvenient to take our ride to an uneven terrain. The types of failures arise in the system may vary according to track we used to ride around, handling, load, load distribution, temperature, material, lubricant, gear teeth hardness, geometry and alignment of gears. And according to the irregularity of these factors different kind of failures like lack of response, whining and humming, fluid leakage, shaking or play, burning smell, noisy gear, difficulty in changing the gear sliping and dragging of the clutch may occur.

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