Manual Transmission System | Manual Gear

A manual transmission is a housing consist of a number of gears, as the name implies, the selection of gear on a manual gear transmission is accomplished by manually shifting a gear selector mechanism that disengages one gear and selects another. Most modern types of this transmissions have five or […]

Automatic gear system | Auto gear

Auto gear system  In an auto gear transmission, the control systems are tackled electronically by the vehicle’s, computer instead of the clutch and gear stick as if in a manual system. All the driver has to shift the selector from Park or Neutral, into Drive, and the gear shifting will take place […]

Sequence of Transmission system | Car Engine

The union of transmission system begins from the clutch which engages and disengages from the car engine where the whole power is generated. When we pedal the clutch the engagement between the car engine and clutch will get apart so the whole system will be segregated from the power box. […]

Transmission Service workings

Transmission Service and System Transmission, as the term articulates the purpose of a transmission system is to transmit the power from the engine to the drive axle and makes the wheels drive the vehicle. By adjusting the gear ratio, the system alters the levels of power and speed to the wheels. […]

car tyres online

Choose The Best

Car Tyres Online | Know The Best In The Market Tyres are an inevitable part in our cars. Moreover, its is a component which worn off quickly. According to the type of vehicle, the terrain and your driving style will conclude your tire life. Normally a tire may serve around 50 […]

bridgestone car tyre

How long does your tyres living?

Life of car tyre Well, let’s interrogate some thing which makes your ride comfortable and more economical. Tyres, which are made up of synthesized rubber and through some process the properties of it are changed according to the requirement.Every tire is used for the same purpose, yet the terrain it […]

Power steering

Steer Your Routes

The power steerings The feeling of driving begins with the steering, since our childhood we used to pretend like driving by holding our hands over a steering and act like a crazy driver, sounds nostalgic! let’s come to our point. Power Steerings have a leading role in driving a car […]

What is your steering? | Car Steering

Steering is an inevitable part of every vehicle, it is a must have to direct our vehicle to different directions. If we check the mechanisms in our car steering systems we can come to know that there are different types of steering systems are available in regard to their mode […]

How do Steering Works? | Power steering

The function of a steering system is to convert the whirling movement of the steering wheel in driver’s hand into the angular turn of the front wheels on road. It is either located on the right side or left the side of the car according to the standard. In this […]

Brake warnings | Car Brake Repair

First things first, if the brakes aren’t in a good condition surely you’ll be facing a lot of trouble while riding your car and to avoid that most of us will go for a car brake repair, isn’t it?? But before that most of us would agree that brakes are […]