Exhaust Issues | Car Exhaust Pipe

When we come across with a problem with our cars performance we might think into the complicated depths of its engine or transmission system, but not about the car exhaust pipe system, which carries out and very important role.The engine burns up the fuel with the aid of air and […]

O2 sensor and The Exhaust System in Car

The Exhaust System and O2 sensor in Car The function of an exhaust system is to carry away the gases formed by the fuel and air are burned in the combustion chamber. Literally, it has four functions all inclusively, let’s begin with the ability to control noise, to exhaust fumes […]

Types of fluids for car | Car Fluids

Car Fluids : Keeping up the car fluids level is one of the inexpensive and easy ways to upkeep the smooth running of all mechanism in a car, from the engine to windshield it requires appropriate fluids for seamless operation.lets surf through some of them.   1. Engine oil Engine oil […]

How Do Flushing Matters? | Flushing Fluid

How Do Flushing fluid Matter? Flushing is mean by cleaning a surface by passing a large quantity of water or some liquid called flushing fluids. In a car the process of flushing involves mainly in Engine, Transmission, Steering, Brake, Radiator and fuel system. Flushing fluids help to cleanse the entire […]

Cheapest To Maintain

Buying a new car with most fuel efficient cars is still a dream come true for most of the mediocre Indian societies despite some numerable affluent groups.Even though it’s  been a dream to most of the people the market has been shifted to the hands to people to choose what […]

Role Of Transmission Fluids | Transmission Fluids

A vehicle is working over the inter-linkages of a pile of metal components, bumper to bumper it is fastened and linked with a cluster of nuts bolts, gears, bearings and links. The whole mechanism is linked and fastened by metals parts, and so it causes rough friction and traction over […]

Differential Car Gears | Differential Gear

The differential technology was invented centuries ago and is considered to be one of the most inventive inventions in automobile system. A differential is a device, capable of transmitting torque and rotation through the shafts. The main function of the differential gear is to allow the drive wheels to turn […]

Final Drive and Speed Reduction | Shaft

Final drive is nothing but a mechanism used for providing a permanent speed reduction and to turn the driver of a vehicle as well. It comprises of a bevel pinion and a crown wheel or a wheel arrangement. The final drive assembly mounted and splined directly to the automatic transmission, […]

Semi-Automatic Transmission | Gear Change

As the terms sounds, a semi-automatic system works half manually and half automatically. In a  car which runs with semi-automatic gear shift system requires the driver to make gear change by themselves, like with a manual gearbox but it keeps us away from the tussle that we face with the […]