The Car Muffler | Car Muffler

Car Muffler: In human language, a muffler is one which gives protection to the cold when wrapped around a human’s neck. In car terminology, car muffler is the silencer that can avoid the loud noises of combustion happening in the exhaust system. The sound waves of combustion travel in the […]

Clutch cable replacement service | Clutch Cable

Clutch Cable : In simple words, the definition of the clutch cable is – The component forms the link between the clutch and other components of the gear box. As the name suggests, the cable assists in transferring the power of the engine to the gear box. Every time the clutch […]

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Bad Clutch Master Cylinder problems | Clutch Master

Clutch Master : Some of the simple symptoms of bad clutch master include a low level fluid or the fluid has become dirty, you find difficulty in shifting the gears and challenges in pedal behaviour. The component, clutch master cylinder is usually found in vehicles which have a manual transmission […]

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Bad Clutch Cable symptoms | Car Clutch Cable

If you have to define car clutch cable, the best one will be as follows – It is a steel braided cable which links the transmission clutch linkage to the mechanism of clutch pedal. When you depress the pedal, the car clutch cable gets into active mode, makes a pull […]

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Information on Clutch and working | Clutch Plate

A clutch can work more than 100,000 KMs, but if the driver has not maintained the vehicle properly, then the component life will be reduced by half. When a clutch gets damaged, the adjoining transmission parts like the clutch plate and all can also get damaged and the expense will […]

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Automatic transmission basics

Automatic transmission :  The automatic transmission also consists of number of components popularly known as a torque converter system. The engine and transmission nodes usually meet at the bell housing part. In automatic cars it will be a torque converter, while in manual transmission cars, it will be the clutch. […]

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Squeal/Chirp sound | Car Engine Sounds

Car Engine sounds are like the witness of how well do you maintain your car. These sounds will tell us about conditions of the interior components of a car. That is why it is the duty of every car user to pay attention to the car engine sounds in their […]

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Extend lifespan of car clutch| Car Clutch Repair

If you have a vehicle which is lined with manual transmission system, a replacement can prove expensive. We are giving you some valuable tips on how to make the clutch last longer and when to go for a car clutch repair is required. Following the manufacturer instructions can make the […]

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Slipping Clutch Problem | Car Clutch Issues

Car clutch issues is a serious problem that most of the car users face leading to car imbalance and road accidents. This problem must be resolved by the users for a safe and peaceful ride. The Car clutch issues are caused if you do not know driving properly or you are […]

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Need of Clutch in Transmission System | Car Clutch

Does the word car clutch ring a bell in your memory? When you were young, and had sat beside a driver with curiosity in your eyes, he/she would have moved the car clutch back and forth during a drive. In short, a clutch can be best defined as the most […]

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