No, it's not finished. Yet, there is a lot of discounts are waiting for you.

Car insurance offers india | Car insurance renewal offers

Car Insurance Offers In India- Car insurance renewal offers

Have you ever aware of the discounts we eligible of on our insurance premium, or heard of the diversified discount offers which we are eligible. Insurance discounts are the reduction of the premium on our vehicle insurance. Mostly, we are eligible for numerous discounts on the features already within our vehicles. The safety features, our driving history, Type of vehicle and so on. In addition, there are some exclusive discounts are also available in the insurance market.

Let’s have a precise plunge on  those,

Passive Restraint Discount

Do you have an airbag, an anti-lock braking system, an anti-theft system, or any of this technology in your vehicle? You are more than eligible for availing this discount up to 30%. Hopefully, it will reduce the personal injury premium.  Moreover, for each add-on, we can avail a 10 % of discount exclusively as well.

Multi-policy Discount

If you have any plan to take insurance for your another vehicle, have it with the subscribed insurance. It can offer a discount on your deal. In addition, not only for the vehicle insurance, we can opt any insurance.

Loyalty discount

Are you happy with the existing insurance for your vehicle, just stick with them, if you feel so? You can avail a 5% of discount so. It is a reward for being with them for a long term.

New Car Discount

Insurance always encourages for a brand new commuter. Hence, they are ready to offer a 30% of discount on our premium. The one thing we need to ensure is, our vehicle is not older than 2 years.

Early signing Discount

Are you ready to sign a premium just before seven days from its effective date, then the payer is ready to give a discount of 10%.

Premier plus discount

Are you good in driving and completed a three year without any violations and accidents. This discount is for you specifically. Here we can avail up to a 35 % on our premium.

Economy car Discount

IS your car is eco-friendly and helping to upkeep our ecosystem n any way, You are eligible to have a 10% of your premium.

Safe Driver Discount

Do you have a habit of being careful on every drive? Have you have a good driving history. You are ultimately eligible for this discount, indeed.

No, it’s not finished. Yet, there is a lot of discounts are waiting for you.

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