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Important Car Insurance Checklist   &  Addon’s

Uniquely, an all-inclusive coverage seems lucrative. However, the expenses with a comprehensive coverage are required to take into account before a jump. An average Indian family is always with ample burdens and limits, financially and emotionally. At the time of an accident or an unfortunate event will collapse them to the ground. Hence, while selecting a auto insurance it is better to embrace the add-on converges and followed car insurance checklist as well.  It encompasses the additional parts and charges at any loss or damage and turns your policy as a comprehensive as it so.

7 Types Of Car Insurance Checklist

car insurance checklist
car insurance checklist

Carmozo introduce some of the car insurance add-ons

Zero depreciation

It is the most popular add-on everyone is opting. In addition, it ensures the approval of full claim in the case of replacing any covered part after an accident or loss. Generally, zero depreciation is for three years from the date of purchase and the going further the premium will higher.

Quick assistance on road

If you are a solo traveler or used to drive into remote areas, this one is for you. It covers everything which you need to face a difficulty in a remote area. Full charge for any accidents is covered under the add-on.

Engine and Electronic circuit cover

As the name implies, it covers all the engine and electronic circuit related losses and images. Specifically, If your car likely to mess with a flooded area or season, it’s better to have one of it. Else, It’s not an advised cover over a dry season or geography.

Return to Invoice

It is applicable only for the first five years. It covers the entire value of the car without any depreciation cost.  In addition, it will pay the complete value of the car at an irrecoverable condition of the vehicle.

No claim bonus protection

In fact, it is an appreciation to those owners who never submit a claim over the entire policy year. Moreover, most of the people are not aware of its benefits while reviewing their policy.

Personal accident cover

It covers the owner and the driver entirely in the case of death or irrecoverable damage to the limbs. But it has some constraints and clauses. If the vehicle is a company owned or the driver doesn’t have any rights to drive, it won’t pay. It is only applicable to a single vehicle.

Loss of personal belongings

In the case of a theft or loss in our locked car, then it will cover all the loses as per the terms. It covers the loss or damage of personal belongings as well.  In addition, for every company, the covered properties will vary.

Key Replacement

This add-on covers the cost of replacing the key to a certain limit. Probably, the reimbursement would be lower than our expected one.

Daily Cash Allowance

You can make use of it, only if your car stays more then 3 days in the garage. It covers the insured’s transportation charge. Mostly, it won’t be useful.

Hence, while heading for a Comprehensive plan, check whether what more cover you need and what all are unnecessary. Insurance companies will offer as many of there plan and add-ons but be wise in opting it.

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