Types of vehicle insurance

Types of vehicle insurance |car insurance|

Types of vehicle insurance

We may come across with many types of insurance coverages. At the time of searching around for a suited policy for our car, we might have heard about Liability policy and comprehensive policy. Don’t fret, if you hearing it for the first time, let’s have a precise plunge in it.

Generally, there are two primary kinds of insurance coverage, the one is Liability coverage, the other is Comprehensive coverage.  As insurance is a mandatory legal necessity for every vehicle, we ought to take any one of it. Comprehensive coverage comprises of both the personal damages and third-party losses. The premium for the third party is minimum comparing to comprehensive one, so the coverages also.  In addition, comprehensive coverage can extend to cover, damages to car, theft, third-party, and personal accidents. Moreover, it can further extend to add-ons like accessories cover, engine protector, zero depreciation cover and medical expenses. It is the most preferable as well

The prominent factors which differ comprehensive coverage to third-party coverage is its extensive security over the vehicle and personal damages. The third part covers the charges for the damages caused to third party vehicle, to other people and property. Hence, as our requirement, value and probable expense coming across our vehicle we can decide the kind of coverage.

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