Maruti Versa inspection service

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Maruti Versa inspection service

After the successful microvan – Omni in its segment in the upmarket, Maruti delivered an exceptional traveler van as an advanced move over it kind. Maruti introduced Versa in three variants which contrasts with its seasoned features. It includes central locking, electronic meters, power steering, collapsible steering column, twin air conditioner and so on. Further, It provides more space and better convenience for the customer. Moreover, it had made its footprints in used car market as well.

The 4 cylinder, 1298 cc machine which pushes the car with an 82bhp and 102Nm max torque at 3000rpm impressed the customers for its multi usability. Though, it is bit bouncy and junky on the road. It fits for arising to a 60kmph in few seconds and reflects a pleasing performance. The five-speed transmission drives us almost all terrains efficiently along with the effective braking system. Maruti Versa can opt for a comfortable vehicle that delivers a decent performance and value for money. In addition, it is used as a family commuter as well as a utility van. However, while as a used vehicle, we need to ensure its reliability once again thoroughly.

Carmozo service

Being an expert in car service and care, we have been gone through an enormous number of wheels. Additionally, our experience in car inspection service and repair qualified us to get an extensive picture of each car in the market. Especially, over Maruti wheels,  We have a solid working knowledge of end to end mechanisms. In addition, a single pitch change to a tad vibration would be distinct to our skilled technicians. Moreover, with the modern equipment, we double sure whether your choice is worth or not.

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