Maruti Ritz inspection service and repair

Maruti Ritz inspection service and repair

Maruti Ritz inspection service and repair


Maruti Ritz is the seventh hatchback from Maruti. Moreover, in a budget view, it is the sixth one over specified models. Besides, Ritz reflects all the qualities of Maruti. The steady quality, better resale value, wide service facility, reasonable services expense and durability, all made it a market hit. In addition,  Maruti Ritz ensured a comfortable drive for all customers. Through it’s best in class highlights, Ritz ensures the reliability of Maruti. Further, The pleasing interior to automatic transmission provides a top end drive.

Over the used car market, Maruti Ritz holds an upper hand in its preference.  The 1.2 litre, four-cylinder petrol engine which generates 86bhp and 114Nm have a pleasing impression. Further, The manual transmission and auto transmission is offered as an option. In the diesel machine, the engine rooms are stacked with a 1.3-litre motor which propels 74bhp and a peak torque of 190Nm. The diesel machines are conveying 23.3kmpl, which is best in kind. The petrol variant ensures a 17 kmpl. Moreover, the top-notch features in its class made it more preferable for second users.

Carmozo service

Carmozo assures whether the car has been gone through all its timely service with sufficient repairs and replacements.  We ensure the service book is up-to-date and assures each and every nook and corner is free of any dent or patch.  We dive into the engine manually and digitally to nut out all the visible and hidden issues. our upskilled technicians hear all the unusual vibrations and noises beneath the platform. Including all the documents till to the purchasing date, we deliver a clear report.

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