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Maruti Ertiga service

 Over continuous experiments on utility vehicles, Maruti presented Ertiga as a Life Utility Vehicle(LUV). Though the past two endeavor went failure, the largest automakers in our homeland wouldn’t quit. They extended the trial for the feasibilities of an urban utility machine. Henceforward, Ertiga carried into this world. Maruti Ertiga engineered for urban residents who need to suit more passengers and it should be compact and street friendly. However, it won’t give an experience as if the top MUV’s, but it’s a quiet comfortable commuter within an affordable range. In addition, Ertiga provides all agreeable features for its customers under the budget range.

Stepping to the engine side, Maruti Ertiga is housed a 1.4-litre engine generating 94bhp and 130Nm of torque. The car is available in manual and automatic variants. The manual accompanies with a 5 speed and automatic base with a 4-speed transmission with a proven efficiency of 17.05kmpl. Besides, the diesel version drove a bit higher with a hybrid technology which improves its performance on the streets. Furthermore, the diesel version stands out on overall efficiency since the start to the end of a ride.

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Yet, Maruti Ertiga holds an upper hand in utility category under Maruti wheels, the care it requires is additionally higher. Obviously, the hybrid technology, ABS, and all cutting-edge technological packings need additional attention. Therefore, we prescribe, having its periodic service on time and spare a little time for timely replacements and repairs will keep the car at its best.

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