Maruti SX4 Service Assistance

Maruti SX4 Service and Assistance

Maruti SX4 Service and Assistance-

The redefined Maruti SX4 had an astounding facelift. Stuffed with leaping technology, Maruti Loaded down the car with a pleasing engine technology. The beefed-up outline utterly attracts the sports minds and reflects a manliness. Additionally, the eight-spoke alloy wheel and the super turbo engine made it noticeably a muscle machine. Maruti SX4 impressed the crowd, being a mean machine on the market.
Maruti made the engine perfect with Petrol, Diesel, and CNG. Among them, petrol version is powered with a 1.6L four-cylinder VVT engine which thrusts a max of 103 bhp @ 5600 rpm. Which stand ahead in potential and performance. The 1.3L four-cylinder diesel engine generates a power of 89bhp @ 4000rpm with a peak torque of 200Nm and all these variants are mated with a five-speed transmission. Moreover, SX4 is quite pleasing in handling and ride. The wide tires and suspension hold it’s solidness over the street. Besides, Maruti SX4 is packed with a precise braking and steering system for the ease of handling and stability over almost terrain. In addition to its powerful physic, Maruti SX4 comprises all the advanced safety hallmarks.

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We prescribe to watch out every time you encounter with a discomfort over your car, with an expert technical team. Maruti SX4 service requires a thorough dive for yielding the peak output and spare our pockets. Hence, have the service in time before it went up to nine stitches.

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