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Alto 800-petrol | Maruti Alto 800 Car Inspect

Maruti Alto 800-

One of the successful car launched by Maruti in recent time. It fulfills all the requirements of a customer who nose around for a car with good mileage, easy to handle and affordability. It gained a huge user impression and appreciation as well. Alto 800 was one of the most successful models that hit the Indian market as a most preferred car.

Driving a car on our roads is becoming a mess these days. For sure, the road will take a toll on our car after each drive. The cost-effective cars by Maruti are always for the mediocre people, who sort outs their average income efficiently and manage to buy a car which might not burden them. Hence, we can dare say Alto 800 is kind of car.

Alto 800-petrol comes with a 796 cc petrol engine and five gears drive provides a decent mileage of 23-25 kmpl accommodates 5 seats, 35 ltr tank and 145/80 R12 tires give a satisfactory experience on every journey for around 2.46 lakhs. As a budget car, it is mostly used for short daily commute. So the chances of failure are more on Wheel Alignment, Brake, and Clutch.

Car Service

Being a daily using commuter, we need to maintain the very moving parts at least. The wheel alignments and balancing help the tires perform properly and last longer. It refers to adjusting the suspension and Balancing refer to compensation for any weight imbalances that need correction. It also improves the vehicle’s fuel economy and handling. Hence it’s important to check for the best performance.

The frequent use of clutch cause hard clutch pedal, clutch slippage and unusual noise while transmission. So it should inspect over time by a mechanic based on diagnosis. The brakes are an inevitable part of the car.A failure in break means it not in a running condition. Brake repair may include brake disc/pads replacement or caliper replacement or master cylinder replacement

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