Take a break to check your brakes…

Brake pads are one of crucial spare parts in your car. What if your car didn’t throttle down as if your anticipated plot and drives you out of your mind and hand. What if your car’s wheels roll over and over beyond the point that you proposed to stop and whizzing towards nowhere.

Well, we are not here to infect you the heart breaking dilemma which may arise during a brake pads failure in your car, we are here to make you aware of the dark phases that you might’ve come across during a break failure. It may emerge over many ways, a true full brake failure is rare, generally, this failure may arise due to the misfunction of certain components or breaking deficiencies. This kind of failure didn’t mean its break won’t work but the vehicle won’t stop as expected. To understand this sort of brake issues, at first, we’ve to learn about the principles behind brake system.

Brake theory, The basic principle of the brake pads system is the conservation of energy, which tells us energy is neither created nor destroyed, but can only be converted from one form to another. Brake pads convert their kinetic energy into heat energy through friction between the brake lining and brake drum surface the heat created will distribute through all the break, but some imbalance due to poor maintenance, poor load distribution may cause uneven distribution of heat and this leads to brake fade.

The brake is a quintessential component in every vehicle, a slight ignorance may drown you to frantic vertexes, therefore it is our duty to keep us and our fellow human beings from harm, at least from our side and it takes only a periodic check up (service ) of our beloved vehicles.

Again and again, we are promising you that, yes, we are here to take care of all these things to keep you safe from all these hazards with all our effort and time at a ticket distance…..

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