That first ‘spark’ matters……..

That first spark matters……..

Behind every journey, there might’ve been a spark.That single spark will drive us to the destination, yet the terrain is worse like anything.This is same it comes to our vehicle . as if our hearts give us the spark to live ahead.A man who’ve every thing, but short of a spark in his heart is nothing, so also the car, here the prominence of a battery comes ahead.

A battery is a power source which supplies adequate power for the ignition of the engine, it is the initial burst of energy aids to start the engine.The discharge rate of battery helps the engine to start work smoothly. According to the climatic conditions, maintenance and the care providing to tackle the battery, the efficiency would vary widely.Batteries work under certain electrochemical reactions, which is taking place within it and this reaction involves the transfer of electrons. speaking about the exact process happening in it involves the movement of electrons from the anode to the anode through the electrolyte.It is made up of one or more basic electrochemical units called cells. These cells are usually connected in a series to increase a battery’s voltage.It may seem like some complicated chemical process which is out of our hands, but it works like a piece of cake if we care it properly with a bit expert knowledge.


Similar to the heart of a human body, the battery can also be expounded as the source of power which ignites the car. The best definition of a car battery to a novice is ‘a box loaded with chemicals which have a particle called electrons that help to start to  move the car.’

As you are aware, it is charged while the vehicle is in motion (source – alternator). Also, if the battery is low in charge, then you may face impediments in starting the car or making use of any electrical devices (stereo, lights, a.c etc). Some of the other ‘components’ which rely similarly on seat belt tensioners, anti-skid brakes, air bags etc. And, yes, you can also include the GPS which is essential these days.As if, some harsh weather also make your battery harder to retain the same energy.therefore, to ensure the good working order it should not be unnoticed, usually, we take it for granted until it stops is an inevitable part of our vehicle as our heart in our body, so it should be upkeep with a proper caution.

A survey suggests that only thirty percent of the car batteries complete the 48 month age category. In case of cold climates, the age might extend to 51 months whereas in hot climates it is just 30 months. Surprised! The major culprits are GPS devices, DVD players, cell phone chargers which prevent the battery from having a full charge.

If your car battery has completed three years, Cheers!you are a very good maintainer of your car. But either has the component replaced or conduct regular check-ups. Just imagine for a moment, you are five miles away from the normal population, in the middle of a forest. Your battery falters, you can face awkward moments.

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