Eco car wash

Two Myths of Waterless Wash Proven False

Eco Car wash 

When owning a car of your dream, you can definitely make a notable change to assist protect Mother Earth. This can be done by following a set of easy rules you make for yourself. Some of these are driving carefully to minimize emissions involving pollutants, enhance fuel consumption by following the law, and as well choose the best eco-friendly products for maintaining your vehicle. You also end up saving your money with just a few adjustments to daily routine.

It is because of persons (like you) who want to contribute to saving the environment by your action; eco- friendly waterless car wash has become popular. In addition to saving money, this specific car wash service also saves water as well help the environment. Listed in this article for the title why eco-friendly (waterless) car wash is better are the advantages of opting for the service.

Although there are many benefits regarding this service, also are few unwanted myths. Let us look into two (popular) of them and Carmozo’s clarification.
1. Scratches
The myth is untrue and scratches can only be the result of use of non-quality products and the wiping technique of an inexperienced professional.
2. Technique Is Not Eco-Friendly
This waterless eco-friendly wash has the key ingredient named as ‘surfactants’ and this chemical is purely bio-degradable.

An ordinary traditional car wash can utilize 80 to 40 gallons of water. Carmozo makes use of the best quality products and its experienced personnel have won laurels for their car wash services (eco friendly) in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. As per a recent survey, Bangalore city stands second (in India) in wastage of water and Carmozo’s mission is to reduce gallons of the same going to the drain in the form of car wash. Another disadvantage of choosing the traditional method is that the cleaning place may bear the signature of dirt in the form of small water pools and a ‘chemical smell.’ More details abut waterless wash here
The method of ‘without water’ wash can be finished in less time by carmozo’s experienced professionals while for the traditional method, the ‘bath’ can take hours.

Although we have more than 70 percent of water covering the earth, pure water for household chores is one of the major problems faced by countries all over the world. You can make a contribution to saving the environment and the future generation by opting for this new method. For those who have already opted for this eco-friendly way of washing their car, they deserve all the appreciation for sharing our vision.

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