Symptoms of Belt Failure & Recommendation

It is mandatory to check the belts by a professional mechanic (as in carmozo) to determine if they have to be replaced or adjusted. It is also known that the timing belts have a long life, but the check-ups are mandatory.

Symptoms Of Belt Failure
•    The steering will not be proper
•    You get battery warning light while applying a brake
•    Improper voltage in the car
•    Weak batteries
•    You can feel the engine gets overheated
•    The timing belt has become gloss on the underside

No sooner, you notice the above two signs, it is better to go to an expert mechanic. You can easily grasp the situation – the belt is wearing out or has slipped. Any delay might cause harm to more components such as the water pump, air conditioning, alternator and power steering.

Squealing sound

The belt has begun to slip. The reason – the belt and pulley are not working in tandem, and there will be tension in the low belt or stretching of belts and the belt might be worn out. Belt slippage might also occur due to oil as well as antifreeze leaks. It is better to seek the advice of a professional before the situation gets worse. The sound is the exact indicator of future problems.

Engine overheating

The belt is just the component needed to generate power so that the engine stays in cool condition. Any failure on the component, the engine becomes overheated and can lead to issues.

Cracks and wear on the belt

A regular check every three months and you can notice the faults in your car components easily. When having a look at the belt by a professional, he can easily detect missing chunks of belt, cracks, separation or damage or wear of parts (ribs) and abrasions. In case of any of these marks on the belt, it is necessary to replace the belt.


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