Belts Replacement

There are some engines having a timing chain and not a belt. Timing chain is advantageous as it does not need periodic replacement. However, a timing belt does and the manufacturer schedule does not ask for it until 150,000 KMs.

There may be separate costs for replacement as it depends on the cars. It is always safe to have the inspection before the recommended time as you will not have to face some additional expenses. The noises you hear differently can make you take notice. In other cases, the pistons may move in forward and backward direction. The valves will have gone for a toss when it comes to their timing mechanism. This can lead to more works. If the timing belt also has the responsibility of driving the water pump, then at the time of replacement, along with the belt it also has to be replaced or checked. The reason, if the water pump breaks after a few months of the replacement, the mechanic again has to perform the same procedure and the expense will be more.

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