Battery Replacement

Car can vary from car to car, and the assistance required. Our mechanics can attend the challenge in any place, either in office or home.

Do all challenges in the car lead to replacement? The answer is a firm ‘No” from carmozo team. Our experienced mechanics can make the difference with a battery tester. Once test is done, the printout mentions in detail the present capacity of the battery and all the relevant changes that has to be done. The test gives a clear indicator if the battery needs to be changed or replaced.

Is the new battery very expensive? The costs can vary, but the charges of replacement will also be added to the bill. You definitely have a DIY option but not without challenges. Why worry when you have a experienced carmozo team to fill in the blanks for you?

How Will The Replacement Take Place?

A load test will be conducted.
•    The battery will be replaced if there is no other alternative
•    The cables will be cleaned and anti-corrosion washers installed.
•    Proper operation will be done for test charge system.
To maximize its life or check for replacement, a car battery has to go through these tests
•    Load test
•    Discharge test
•    Charge test
•    SG test
•    SOH test
•    SOC test

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