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Some of the simple symptoms of bad clutch master include a low level fluid or the fluid has become dirty, you find difficulty in shifting the gears and challenges in pedal behaviour.

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The component, clutch master cylinder is usually found in vehicles which have a manual transmission system. As a car owner, you like the feeling when you fast drive on an open stretch road as you can control acceleration as well as power by a clutch.  When there is an advantage you also can get disadvantages. So you can encounter some problems through the clutch. Let us know the three symptoms.

In fact, hydraulic operated clutch system is assisted by the cylinder as it carried out the duties similar to that of a pump. When you press the clutch pedal, the fluid is pushed by the clutch master cylinder to the place of clutch slave cylinder by means of the system the clutch should become disengaged. Since they possess the hydraulic nature, issues can easily get caught up with these cylinders and the ability to displace fluid will be reduced. In a similar situation, you can face problems with shifting gears and clutch pedal. A bad or faulty clutch master cylinder is the symptom that there is a big problem hidden in the vehicle and it is advisable to opt for an inspection.

1. Low/dirty fluid

The first question, you can get from the mechanic while asking for an inspection for the cylinder is “Do you think that the fluid in the reservoir is dirty?” The main reason for the dirty fluid – master cylinder has seals inside and they may have broken down due to wear and tear, or due to old age. This might have led to contamination of the fluid. If the seal has become old, there are also chances of a leak. If you have a doubt regarding the low level of fluid in the reservoir, then there are chances of a leak in the system, either clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder. The slave cylinder can become leaky than the master cylinder as it is situated at a much lower level, and chances of fluid collection as well as leakage in the seals.

2. Hard-to-shift clutch

The second most noticeable symptom in combination with a failing/bad clutch master cylinder is during shifting of gears. Because of its hydraulic nature, the master cylinder can become leaky and in the process, the displacement of the fluid will get affected. In case, the required pressure is not created by the master cylinder, the clutch will not be disengaged properly if you press the pedal. This may lead to many complications, such as the gears may be grinded while making a shift, or a transmission may pop out when out of gear.

3.  Clutch pedal behavior

As mentioned in the two topics above, the pedal feel will get affected. The pedal may become spongy or mushy in times of a leak, and majority of the cases – the pedal would have sunk to the floor and will remain in the same position when it is pressed.

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