Automatic transmission basics

Automatic transmission : 

The automatic transmission also consists of number of components popularly known as a torque converter system. The engine and transmission nodes usually meet at the bell housing part. In automatic cars it will be a torque converter, while in manual transmission cars, it will be the clutch. The torque converter acts as the link between engine and transmission so that wheels do the moving part.

Automatic transmission

The torque converter is made up of parts such as the impeller, lock-up clutch, stator and a turbine. The impeller is the component which is housed in the torque converter and is linked to the engine. The turbine is driven by the impeller through the transmission fluid. It (impeller) also does the duty of returning the fluid from the turbine.

The stator is present between the impeller and turbine. Some of the benefits by stator are it minimizes loss due to churning and enhances the output of torque. The fluid is redirected from the turbine to the place the impeller is housed – in this way – the stator is moved. The stator has the ability to rotate on only one side, it can rotate with impeller or it does not change its place. The stator can give you more torque power when you remain idle, but a zero when you are driving at a fast pace.

The mechanics at carmozo are experienced in handling clutch issues. This article is a brief overview to make you know on the working of an automatic transmission, tips on extending the life of a clutch and replacement costs.


  • If the transmission slips, then you can encounter clutch problems. The engine will spruce up in spite of the vehicle moving at a slow pace, and this can regularly happen in times of a gear shift. In other cases, the vehicle will take more time to take off after a stop.
  • The transmission fluid has to be checked to ascertain if it gives a burned smell or if it has become dark. The vehicle computer should also be scanned in case of electronic problems. The fluid pan has to be removed and inspected. You are present when the carmozo mechanic inspects the transmission pan, and it is free of fluid, but has dark muddy material. You get the info it may be clutch material, the result will be the transmission performance is poor and indicates signs of clutch failure.For more information regarding auto transmission and its functions you can consult our technicians
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