Symptoms of Belt Failure & Recommendation

It is mandatory to check the belts by a professional mechanic (as in carmozo) to determine if they have to be replaced or adjusted. It is also known that the timing belts have a long life, but the check-ups are mandatory. Symptoms Of Belt Failure •    The steering will not […]

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Enemies Of Belts

Some of the enemies which can lead to drive belt problems are water, oil, dirt in roads and excessive heat. Kindly ensure the car is not leaking oil or when you do put oil, it should be done carefully. There are other points that you should take care of, such […]

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Types of Car Belts

1. V-belts Older vehicles had v-belts or in other words known as multiple belts. If a v-belt works, then the alternator, power steering pump, water pump and the air conditioning compressor also works accordingly. The noise will be a squeaking sound and the reasons will be contamination of fluids or […]

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Battery Replacement

Car can vary from car to car, and the assistance required. Our mechanics can attend the challenge in any place, either in office or home. Do all challenges in the car lead to replacement? The answer is a firm ‘No” from carmozo team. Our experienced mechanics can make the difference […]

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Recommendation For Batteries

Keep It Clean The best simple way to a healthy living is cleanliness and here also, the same pattern is needed. The components of the battery should be kept tidy. The battery should be placed firmly in the place given (cradle). The tray should also be cleaned regularly. •    If […]

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How To Protect Your Battery

Prevention is better than cure – proverb Proverbs solve up the life severest challenges in a very simple way. Do you know that a battery well-maintained and checked can give maximum usage for at least three years? We agree, maintaining a car has its own share of pros and cons, […]

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Why Car Belts Are Important ?

To function, a body has different parts and some of them will be more important than others. Let us take, for example, a car. It has many mechanical parts attached such as the alternator (which delivers power), water pump (which helps to cool the engine), power steering pump (providing assistance […]

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