Clutch cable replacement service

In simple words, the definition of the clutch cable would be like these words – The component forms the link between the clutch and other components of the gear box. As the name suggests, the cable assists in transferring the power of the engine to the gear box. Every time […]

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Bad Clutch Master Cylinder problems

Some of the simple symptoms include a low level fluid or the fluid has become dirty, you find difficulty in shifting the gears and challenges in pedal behavior. The component, clutch master cylinder is usually found in vehicles which have a manual transmission system. As a car owner, you like […]

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Bad Clutch Cable symptoms

You have a manual transmission car. You find that the transmission slips out of gear or the clutch pedal sinks to the floor or gets hard during a drive. If you have to define clutch cable, the best one will be as follows – it is a steel braided cable […]

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Information about Clutch and How it works?

A clutch can work more than 100,000 KMs, but if the driver has not maintained the vehicle properly, then the component life will be reduced by half. When a clutch gets damaged, the adjoining transmission parts can also get damaged and the expense will be more. System Information The engine […]

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Automatic transmission basics

The automatic transmission also consists of number of components popularly known as a torque converter system. The engine and transmission nodes usually meet at the bell housing part. In automatic cars it will be a torque converter while in manual transmission cars, it will be the clutch. The torque converter […]

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Squeal/Chirp sound

If you press the clutch pedal down, you either hear a chirping sound or squealing sound. This may be an indication of a damaged pilot bushing or release beating. These two components, if worn out, can also give similar sounds. The other problems in association with this noise are old […]

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Ways to extend the lifespan of your car’s clutch

If you have a vehicle which is lined with manual transmission system, a replacement can prove expensive. We are giving you some valuable tips on how to make the clutch last longer. Following the manufacturer instructions can make the clutch last longer. 1.     The Clutch Should Always Be Kept Free […]

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Slipping Clutch Problem

The problem is caused if you do not know driving properly or you are a careless driver. It is advisable to get the repair done as soon as possible or else, the symptom will lead to expensive repairs. Another factor of this problem could be wear and tear. But if […]

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Belts Replacement

There are some engines having a timing chain and not a belt. Timing chain is advantageous as it does not need periodic replacement. However, a timing belt does and the manufacturer schedule does not ask for it until 150,000 KMs. There may be separate costs for replacement as it depends […]

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