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How we achieved 1000+ happy customers within a year

Before starting a new business, entrepreneurs usually look for a name which is in tandem with the new business trend. However, a name can only give a big opening as there are many factors which lead to success such as quality, proper customer service, knowing the target audience, best prices and loyal customers. In this article on how we achieved 1000 plus services within 9 months’ time our loyal readers will be given a brief description of the reasons.

Carmozo is a reputed start-up specializing in the area of car services, mainly established to cater to the requirements of vehicle owners in two cities, Bangalore and Hyderabad by using the latest trend in servicing technologies.

One of the main reasons that we at Carmozo have achieved success goes to the credit of our local partners in Bangalore and Hyderabad who serve our customers. Since we have tied up with local car services (the best), our customers are always happy.

For any business to grow, a happy customer base is the main lifeline. A hundred other factors are related – attractive website, SEO, adwords, advertisements by celebrities, but customers are smart – they know where to draw the line. We understand that no human can be an expert at developing customer base. Although we have experts, we take care to learn every time by improving our service with each individual customer.

Let us now delve into how we made 1000 plus customers happy within 270 days.

Quality Is The First Priority And Zero Compromise On That

As is the norm, it is the nature of the customer to check the reviews before opting for a new service provider who breaks away from the traditional path. Also, the smart customers checks in about the service centre. Customers have understood their car will be the best source of ‘mobile’ support if they chose the best quality service provider. You can refer to the testimonials which our valuable customers have given as feedback.

We scored over our competitors in four aspects – our customer executives were promptly replying to messages and calls 24/7, a worry/problem addressed & understood swiftly, solution needed was provided and the quality work done within the deadline.

These aspects will definitely pull a large number of worthy customers for any new start-up. To make the business a success, we had a plan clearly laid out regarding the customer wants, that includes car maintenance services, wheel alignment services, tyre repair service, car dent removal service, car interior cleaning, car wash services and so on. Since we know our target audience, we had started working on the customer base before we could provide our worthy services.

Affordable Pricing

Pricing, as any commoner can make out, is one of the most valuable components by which customer can either select or reject a service. But at the same time, if customers have a liking for their four-wheeler, they will go for the best service provider as long the money they spent will be a good investment for the future.

Pricing will always be linked with quality, so giving the best quality and affordable price is a tight rope to walk on. Carmozo has achieved its distinction with getting 1000+ orders done within nine months of the service launch.

Proper follow-ups by Carmozo team

Regular follow-ups after given services are not always an easy task. But true value of a quality service provider rests here. It is where we understand how to achieve a loyal customer and the customer-service provider relationship begins to diminish. Following up is a valuable habit through we strive to achieve excellence.

We gained more proximity to new clients, as our loyal customers made true the proverb – If you love a product, you are more than happy to convince your loved ones to try it too.

Friendly Staffs

Our Carmozo staff specializes in getting the basics right. The best humanitarian interaction always gets the best in a competition. Friendly interaction with the customer can bring any new business to the forefront, and since their satisfaction is our main motto, the work gets done within the deadline. This is because our executive spends valuable time analyzing and catering to the needs of the customer.

Keep Our Customers Happy Always (Not Just One Time)

Our staffs understand that our customers like a simple solution after a call and not a complex agenda. In other words, they want someone who can take control of any situation, take responsibility, solve the problem and give the best service. Any business service provider (similar to Carmozo), who provides these three aspects gets a loyal customer, free of cost.

Other Services

To get a quick solution regarding maintenance of car, you can always log into our Carmozo website and call the Emergency Car Helpline. We also provide other services such as doorstep car services, eco friendly waterless car wash, car dent removal, wheel alignment services, 24×7 Road side assistance, car interior cleaning in Bangalore and Hyderabad.


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